• Monthly Leases -
Month to Month leases provide you with the flexibility that you need
when dealing with the unpredictability of selling or buying a home,
remodeling, etc...  We understand that you may not know exactly
how long you need storage and will never hold you hostage with
stringent lease terms.  We take pride in knowing that our customers
stay because they want to, not because they have to.

  • Service -
Service at Ashcraft Self Storage does not end with the signing of a
lease agreement.  Our pleasant and well trained staff will continue to
serve your moving and storage needs whenever you need us!

  • Our Units -
We offer the largest selection of sizes in the Mon Valley Area because
we know that our customer's needs will vary.  We don't want you to
pay for space that you don't need or need more space that isn't
available.  Your satisfaction is our priority!

  • Our Property -
Our property is well lit and fenced.  Our full time staff is onsite six
days per week tending to the routine upkeep of the property and will
assist you any time you need them.

  • Monitoring -
In addition to being on the property six days per week, intermittent
Video Surveillance is located throughout our property.    

  • Computer Controlled Access Gate-
Our Computerized Controlled Access gate allows you to visit your
storage space 7 days per week, including Holidays.  Each customer is
provided with a code, unique only to them, for individual gate
control.  24 hour access can be made available in special situations.

  • Individual Door Alarms -
Many of our units are equipped with individual door alarms providing
tenants with an enhanced level of control.  

  • Easy Access -
All of our units are at ground level and easily accessible from your
vehicle or rental truck.  No stairs, elevators, or long hallways!  

  • Pallets -
FREE Pallets are available to all of our customers.  Please ask for

  • Dumpster -
A courtesy dumpster is conveniently located onsite at Ashcraft
Storage and available to all of our customers at no charge.  Please
read the
dumpster rules and regulations for more information on
what can and cannot be placed in the dumpster.      

  • Business Deliveries Accepted -
As a service to our commercial customers, we will accept business
deliveries and hold them for up to 48 hours in our secure, climate
controlled warehouse.  This service is provided at no cost to the
customer.  Contact our office for additional information.    

  • Supplies -
Ashcraft Self Storage sells boxes, tape & tape dispensers, bubble
wrap, locks etc... for shipping, moving, storage or general use. Visit

  • Truck Rental -  
Worried about how to get your things to your unit?  No need...
Ashcraft Self Storage invites our local customers to use one of our
15 Foot Rental Trucks FREE.  No Driver's License?  No problem!  
We'll drive it for you.  
CLICK HERE to view the details.  Just need a
 CLICK HERE to find out how Ashcraft Truck Rental can assist
you with your local move.

  • Records Management -
Many commercial customers may find that they need more than just
storage.  For this reason, Ashcraft Self Storage diversified and in
1991 opened it's sister company, Ashcraft Records Management and
Storage (ARMS).  ARMS provides secure document storage in a
secure, climate controlled environment, container and file indexing,
document retrieval services, destruction and shredding services, and
extensive reporting.  Call 724-258-5857 x102 or
more information.